Lentils have a seed coat that may range from light grey, through brown, to black. The distinctive orange / red cotyledon or kernel is seen when the seed is dehulled or split. Seeds are small with varieties ranging in diameter from 2-6 mm and 100 seed weight from 2-6 g. Seed size and shape are important marketing factors as they affect ease and yield of splitting. Among other things split red lentils are consumed in Indian cooking and are boiled to make Indian “dhal” and lentil soup. Lentil flour is used to make pappadams or added to cereal flour to make breads, cakes and baby foods. Immature pods and sprouted seeds may also be eaten as a vegetable. Varieties available include Nugget, Northfield and Aldinga.

Varieties of Lentils. Red Whole Lentils , Red Split Lentils